The dust of the room

What if you move?
What if you hide?
There’s only so much you can miss
Before we both collide

Brunette de nuevo, ya me tocaba un cambio y que mejor que back to the basics, a ver cómo me lo va jejeje
Chavus cumplió sus 25 de nuevo y yo lo festejé comiendo KFC y viendo Arrested Development de nuevo jeje
2da vuelta con el pase anual y muy divertido, un poco lluvioso, pero divertido al fin y al cabo, otra vez otra vez, y no te preocupes Zou, tu pase ahí sigue, sólo será tuyo de tí…..

Y hace rato que no lo hago y después de mi maratón del fin quiero poner citas de Arrested Development porque sigo divirtiéndome con los diálogos una y otra vez…

Barry Zuckerkorn:
So basically you’re about 2,000 shares short of being the majority
stock holders. Now unfortunately it’s a private stock so you can not
just buy up the shares unless someone is willing to sell
Are you sure?

Barry Zuckerkorn:
That’s what it said on ‘Ask Jeeves’

So, you killed Kitty, huh?

No, I did not kill Kitty. However, I am going to oblige and answer the
nice officer’s questions because I am an honest man with no secrets to
[whoops and hollers heard from the conference room]

And apparently, a fun one. Why don’t we go see what’s going on in the back, shall we?

Were those the last words Kitty ever heard?

Tobias listens to a day’s worth of his own words, to see what Michael was referring to…

Tobias Fünke:
[on tape] … even if it means me taking a chubby, I will suck it up.

Tobias Fünke:
Nothing wrong with that.

Tobias Fünke:
[on tape] Oh, I’ve been in the film business for a while, but I just can’t seem to get one in the can.

Tobias Fünke:
It’s out of context.

Tobias Fünke:
[on tape] I wouldn’t mind kissing that man between the cheeks.

…and he realized there is something distinct about the way he speaks.

Tobias Fünke:
Tobias, you blowhard.


Lucille Austero:
Today at lunch, you were ashamed to be with me.

No. I was ashamed to be seen with you. I like being with you.

Mae ‘Maebe’ Funke:
Do you guys know where I could get one of those gold T-shaped pendants?

That’s a cross.

Mae ‘Maebe’ Funke:
Across from where?

Why should I have to sit and cheer Annyong? Annyong never cheers me.

Go Fatty.

[Buster lunges at him and they fight]

Stop it. He’s your little brother.

No he isn’t. I came out of you, he didn’t.

Falta menos para la carrera y estoy entre nerviosa y ansiosa y todo lo demás, ya que pasé aaaaaash
Por lo pronto me vuelvo a ver en el espejo, eso de la vanidads que no se me da jejejejeje

A little tornado
A little hurricane roar
Last day of magic
Where are you?
A little tornado
A little hurricane roar

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