Over and over and over…

Lady take a ride on a Zeke 64, Jerry wants to be a rockette
That’s a popular misconception, says we haven’t seen anything yet
Laying down the lifeless corpse of President 35
The lady crying by his side is the most beautiful woman alive

El soundtrack de mi vida ha variado poco recientemente, y ahora con tantas nostalgias en conjunto me he dado el lujo de mezclar algunas nuevas con viejas y con otras que para mi no son contemporáneas son clásicas, lo único que me preocupa es el random del itunes, las mezclas que me pone suenan tan correctas que me dan escalofríos en momentos…

So, what’s my line again?
Ok, what’s my motivation?

reveal > hoy tengo miedo > the kill > trouble > valerie > eye of the tiger

Monochrome TV, all the things you ever represented to me
Take me once more, take me to heaven again

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1 Response to Over and over and over…

  1. Chava says:

    Saturn fiiiiveeee , you really were the greatest sight
    stretching out on a summers day
    houston, its calling me back to her

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