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Rockstar ways

It’s the disease of the age It’s the disease that we crave Alone at the end of the rave We catch the last bus home Corporate America wakes Coffee republic and cakes We open the latch on the gate Of … Continue reading

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Don’t Call Me Princess

Everybody was kung-fu fightingThose cats were fast as lightningIn fact it was a little bit frightningBut they fought with expert timingMe encontré con la nueva campaña de Verizon "Action Hero" y no pude evitar hacer mi movie.jejeje pero como dice … Continue reading

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Nobody puts baby on a corner

This is not a love song
Happy to have
Not to have not
Big business is
Very wise
I’m crossing over into
Enter prize pos que se me casaron Urs y Xipa, los jóvenes ya caminaron al altar y festejé con ellos casi hasta que amaneció, … Continue reading

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